Motors with wound rotor and slip-ring

Our motors are manufactured with strong material frame, cast iron or welded steel, depending on the model. Roller or sleeve bearings, long life and leading brand, lubricated with grease or oil, with cage rotor in die casting or copper.
Vacuum impregnation system VPI.
Collector space separated from the stator. Brushes in permanent contact or with lifting device, manual or automatic.

Motors with wound rotor and slip-ring

. with standard cooling type as followings:

  • IC411, self ventilated enclosed motor, externally finned
  • IC611, air-to-air heat exchanger
  • IC511, tube cooled motor
  • IC81W, air / water heat exchanger
  • IC01 & IC37, open air circuit

.with protection degree:

  • IP55, enclosed motor
  • IP23, motor with open air circuit

. mounting:

  • B3 – V1

. output power:

  • da 160 a 5000 kW

. supply voltage :

  • from 230 V to 11000 V

. synchronism speed:

  • from 250 to 3000 r.p.m.  that is from 2 to 20 poles